Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series

My favorite series of Netflix is hard to choose, but I think one of my favorites would be Grey's Anatomy. I would pick that show because it really pulled me in and kept me entertained the entire time. I think it was interesting because it was about doctors in the hospital, and what their lives were like. It had several characters that had different things happening in their life. My favorite actors are Dr. Shepard and Dr. Avery. They were two male doctors that were some on the main people. A lot of riveting scenes happened throughout the 13 seasons. I have not watched the 13th series yet. Grey's Anatomy is a very good show because it gives you a large range of emotions throughout each episode. I believe people that are interested in being a doctor or generally anyone who likes the types of shows that speak about peoples lives. Overall I would suggest Grey's Anatomy. What types of series do you like the best? Have you ever watched Grey's Anatomy? Here is a link to a preview of Grey's Anatomy:

Another TV series that was one of my favorites would be Switched at Birth. It is about two girls that were born on the same day, but the hospital mixed the two up and gave them to the wrong family. They lived to about 16 before a girl took a blood test to realize that she is not related to her family. The girls search for each other, and soon find one another. Although things start out rocky they end up becoming best friends, and the families end up living together to get the girls closer to their regular family. One girl is deaf so it makes everything just a little harder, but they all overcome the situation. As they learn sign language it brings them closer and closer to each other. This show was very heartfelt, but it also had its times of laughter and seriousness. Sadly, there are only 4 seasons of this series, but I believe it is continuing on regular TV. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in sign language and how deaf people feel, or anyone who is interested in TV shows that may contain drama. Would you be interested in watching Switched at Birth? Here is a link for anyone who seems interested!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music

My favorite type of music varies on what type of mood I am in. I like a lot of fast pace music that is catchy, and when it has rap in it. I tend to listen to a lot of music by Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce, or other people like that. However, I also listen to slower pace, calming music when I find it more relaxing. I love listening to Jack Johnson, and other singers like him. I have a wide variety of music that I listen to on different occasions. A few names of songs I listen to are: Right hand, One Dance, and Hotline Bling by Drake, Formation, Lemonade, and 7/11 by Beyonce, Work, Needed Me, Love on the Brain, and Kiss it better by Rihanna, Too good by Rihanna and Drake, and Banana Pancakes and Upside Down by Jack Johnson. Here is a link to the song needed me by Rihanna My favorite song at the moment is either Love on the Brain by Rihanna or 7/11 by Beyonce. There is a song that is called Caroline which I also like a lot and it is pretty cool because it is also my name. Below is a picture of Rihanna.Image result for rihanna

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I'm proud of our free public schooling availability. Everyone can get an education without having to spend money on it. Our community works together to make sure everyone goes to school, and they hope everyone graduates. We also have the opportunity to take our education as far as we want to go. College does cost money, but you can receive loans or scholarships to learn more for less money. Fortuna High has great electives that we can take to further our education in what interests us. Anyone can go to school for as many years as needed. Our home provides us with what we need to get a good job, and it helps us learn without having to spend money to do so. I am proud that I can learn more throughout the years.

One thing I would like to change about my culture is the use of technology that is taking up work and isolating us from each other. Every job is seeming to being transferred to electronics doing it. That is making less job opportunities for people who need them to make money for themselves or their family. Technology shouldn't be used as much as it is. Real life humans should take control of jobs, and technology shouldn't. Technology also seems to be isolating us from the outside world. Especially in big cities around my home, electronics seem to isolate people from one another. Everyone should stop using phones as much and really pay attention to whats around them. I also use my phone more than I probably should. I believe the technology usage should be cut down all around my culture so people can get more jobs, and they are in the moment of what is happening.
My name is Caroline Fairbanks. I am a sophomore at Fortuna High school. I have two brothers. I have a twin brother and a brother that is in college. I am a cheerleader, and that means I am on a team that stands on the sidelines for football and basketball games and I cheer on the players. At half time, we go out and perform for the fans sitting in the stands. I have two dogs and two cats. My dog named Sadie is a pug, Max is a Labrador Retriever. My cats names are Piper and Finn. My favorite food is chicken strips and french fries. My favorite song is called Too Good by artists named Drake and Rihanna. My favorite subjects in school are History and Spanish. I am going on a trip to Spain with students from my Spanish class, and they said we will be traveling to a different school to meet students. It would be so cool if the school they chose was yours. What are you like? Do you play any sports or do any fun activities? I am excited to be able to blog with students from a different school, and I think this will be a very fun experience! I hope to learn a lot about everyone, and I hope everyone has as much fun learning about eachother as I do.
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