Saturday, September 17, 2016

My name is Caroline Fairbanks. I am a sophomore at Fortuna High school. I have two brothers. I have a twin brother and a brother that is in college. I am a cheerleader, and that means I am on a team that stands on the sidelines for football and basketball games and I cheer on the players. At half time, we go out and perform for the fans sitting in the stands. I have two dogs and two cats. My dog named Sadie is a pug, Max is a Labrador Retriever. My cats names are Piper and Finn. My favorite food is chicken strips and french fries. My favorite song is called Too Good by artists named Drake and Rihanna. My favorite subjects in school are History and Spanish. I am going on a trip to Spain with students from my Spanish class, and they said we will be traveling to a different school to meet students. It would be so cool if the school they chose was yours. What are you like? Do you play any sports or do any fun activities? I am excited to be able to blog with students from a different school, and I think this will be a very fun experience! I hope to learn a lot about everyone, and I hope everyone has as much fun learning about eachother as I do.
Snapchat- miss_caroline12

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